Monogram 1/8 Jaguar E-Type Build Diary

some photo's etc of my Cat build. I purchased this kit from the States for around £80.00 delivered.
Its a fantastic kit and has so much detail.

First job is assembling and painting the engine
Engine painted and fan belt added. Also added Brass 1mm Dome nuts to the water pump and manifolds
From another angle
Primed the body and floor 
Engine almost complete
Dry fitted the Engine frame
Painted and fitted the front wishbones and added Koni decals to the front shocks
Right side view
Left side view
After undercoating the body i did the first few coats of Pearlescent Dark Blue
no laqure at this point. That comes later in the build
Another Dry fit to see how things are looking
Washer bottle painted and filled with a light blue liquid and glued
Added a pipe inside and a Decal
Under coated (primed) the back frame for the differential
and the wishbones
did another dry fit before i spray Gloss Black
Another angle
Painted the rear brake disc's in red, silver and dry brushed gun metal
Then painted the rear Koni shocks
all four done

sprayed the Firewall pearlescent Blue and added some detail then painted and fitted the fuel filter and servo.
Leathered the Dash with very thin black hide
used Evo-stick time bond glue for the leather
Differential parts painted
and assembled
bonnet top and bottom fixed together then filled with P38 Easy sand car body filler
then sanded back with 600 grit wet n dry paper
I made some of the frame work on the underside of the bonnet out of styrene and added small plastic nuts along the edges. I also added a grill
and then given a coat of grey primer

bonnet primed and lights dry fitted
Rear body parts and door panels also primed
First top coat of pearlescent Blue on the bonnet
second coat
lightly sanding between coats 
Bonnet had three light coats of clear then the lights and grill bar were fitted
Next the bumpers
Bare metal was added to the bonnet 
Door panels covered in a very thin Red leather
Bare metal added to the chrome areas
Rear shelf covered in the reverse side of the red leather. works really well
chromed parts done in Bare metal
Door parts painted

rear wheel glued and held together over night with 3mm stud bar